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Key Websites

Key Websites

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Video Playlists

Video Playlists

Using multiple monitors/displays - Includes adjusting the layout of the displays, using multiple displays with a projector, and other settings to make your displays work for you.
Using Document Cameras with Google Meet - Includes presenting your document camera and using it as a web camera.

Using a Touchscreen Chromebook


New features in Illuminate!

  • Use your own PDF, Word, Doc file and have them auto-graded with Flexible Assessments 
  • Thousands of new items in the item bank, including 3000+ individual NGSS items
  • Easily create your own items including interactive item types like drag and drop, hot text, hot spot, and more!
For assistance with the following areas, please enter a Tech Support Ticket
  • Aeries
  • Hardware or installing software
  • Staff logins or passwords
  • Student logins or passwords
  • Instructional or assessment technology
  • Textbooks or novels
District Calendar

District Calendar

  • SDUHSD District Calendar
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